Welcome to CEERE

Welcome to CEERE

CEERE- the European Center for Studies and Research in Ethics is:

  • A post-graduate teaching center
    • Master of Ethics
    • Ph.D. in Ethics
    • Capacity to direct research in Ethics
  • A place that offers a continuous education and life-long learning
  • An interdisciplinary research center
  • A place to meet people and to organize
    • seminars
    • symposia
    • workshops
    • conferences
    • debates
    • round tables
  • Winner of the first prize in Ethics, june 2008

Director : Professeure Marie-Jo Thiel

Online Registration Open

You are students, teachers, education managers, professionals in various fields such as health, the animal sector or in law, and you are interested in our Master program in Ethics.


- For candidates coming from France on e-candidate (www.ecandidat.unistra.fr), from the end of March to the beginning of June 2021

- For candidates coming from abroad via Campus France (www.campusfrance.org.fruntil March 11

Our Master's degree, organized by the CEERE (European Centre for Ethics Education and Research) offers an interdisciplinary program, and focuses its teaching and research on Ethics in different disciplines (Medicine, Law, Theology, Life Sciences, Sociology, Ethnology, Economics). It includes different courses such as Ethics and Gerontology, and a specialisation in Ethics and Animals.


New 2021-2022:  an International Programme “Interdisciplinary Ethics” (trilingual FR / DE / EN)

In connection with and supported by EUCOR-Le Campus européen, this program initiated by the Universities of Strasbourg and Freiburg im Breisgau (De) will put a strong emphasis on intercultural competences. International seminars will be planned and the courses will take place at the concerned university venues. Description and prerequisites to be downloaded from the CEERE website or here http://ethique.unistra.fr/master-ethique/nouveau-master-international-dethique-interdisciplinaire-a-strasbourg/.)

More information on our website: www.ethique.unistra.fr

You can also contact us by email: ceere@unistra.fr or l.cordazzo@unistra.fr 

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Reprise du Séminaire Éthique et santé - Bioéthique et société - Cultures et religions 2020-2021

Thématique de l'année : "Les lieux de la vulnérabilité dans une société de l’augmentation : éthique & Covid 19".

Dirigés par Marie-Jo Thiel, ces séminaires offrent la possibilité d'écouter des intervenants issus de tous les milieux sur le thème de la vulnérabilité.

Réservez-vous un jeudi par mois de 16h à 19h dès le 24 septembre 2020. Pour en savoir plus, cliquez