International Congress of the European Society for Catholic Theology (AETC)

Von 28. August 2019 bis 31. August 2019
Bratislava, Slovakia

Hope. Where does our Hope lie? 

In our times hope is called into question. The disintegration of economic systems, of states and societies, families, friendships, distrust in political structures, forces us to ask if hope has disappeared from the experience of today's men and women. In an aging Europe where euthanasia is becoming a more acceptable prospect, what could hope mean? If we have a hope only for this present life, can we still have hope in any meaningful sense after death?
Scepticism about the project of a united Europe also invite us to reflect on what is the hope of a common Europe. Multiple conflicts among members of different religions, force us to think about whether we can believe in mutual co-existence. What is the hope of Christians who are persecuted in some countries? What is the hope of an immigrant, who comes and believes in a better future? Does youth have faith in the Church? Does the Church have faith in youth? Education is also closely linked with hope for a better future. How can we cooperate with others in the process of education and training?

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