The European Conference on Ethics, Religion and Philosophy (ECERP2018)

Von 3. Juli 2018 bis 4. Juli 2018
Brighton, United Kingdom

“Surviving and Thriving in Times of Change”

The way we think, reason and behave as individuals, as communities and societies is in a process of constant change and renegotiation. The only constant of change is change itself, as Heraclitus most famously put it some 2,500 years ago. Change may not be new, but its pace, assisted and facilitated by advanced technologies, means these processes have never been faster. While in some ways we have grown together through the processes of globalisation, in others we have become more isolated, marginalised and alienated. Religious traditions, and the relationship between religion and civil society, have also faced dramatic change.

This conference’s theme of “surviving and thriving” in these times of change invites us to continue to consider this large question through the traditions and lenses of studies associated with religion, philosophy and ethical studies.

The role of religion is seen by many as having no place in the modern world. Where and when it does wield influence it is often viewed as inappropriate or malevolent, and as a barrier to “progress” and “modern” thinking. In today’s fast-paced and technology driven world, are the study of philosophy and ethics useful, or are they similarly becoming irrelevant and ossified? What is the continued role and relevance of ethics, religion and philosophy, as subjects to be studied, discussed and lived as core parts of our individual and collective lives? How can they help us stay resilient in the face of challenges and failures? How can they help us overcome the various difficulties that life brings?