Workshop: “Roboethics. Humans, Machines and Health”

Du 25 février 2019 au 26 février 2019

February 25-26, 2019, the Pontifical Academy for Life will host the Workshop, "Roboethics. Humans, Machines and Health", to take place during the 25th General Assembly of Members.

The goal of the Workshop is to update about the characteristics of the technologies in the field of robotics and about what is feasible today, identify and shaping the questions rising from the field, from the anthropological point of view and analyzing some ethical criteria in health care.

First session (Monday 25, afternoon) will focus on the state of the art and different approaches to robotics research and development.

Second session (Tuesday 26, morning) will explore socio-anthropological implications, i.e., how robotics change the ways of knowing and understanding the world, perceiving relationships, the human body and social coexistence.

Third session (Tuesday 26, afternoon) will address the ethical implications of robotics in health care sector, particularly the assistance of elderly, and it will analyze possible regulation in this field.

Poster Session Poster presentation is welcome during the congress.

The Workshop is open to all those interested in this field.

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Twitter: @PontAcadLife

contact : Executive Board Secretary Angelique Heijnen - - Tel: + 31 43 3882145