EACME annual conference 2018

Du 6 septembre 2018 au 8 septembre 2018

Ethics in action - September 6-8, 2018

The significance of ethics in clinical practice, education & research

Doing ethics consists of reflecting, reasoning and contributing to a good life: in practice, with practice and for practice. Ethics is about thinking what it means to realise a better practice and which moral competences are needed in order to do so. More and more, doing ethics requires acknowledging different perspectives on what is morally right and justified. Truly meeting other perspectives requires a participatory, systematic and critical dialogue with various stakeholders. Stakeholders are not merely objects of study but are partners in research and contributing to a good life. At this conference we will continue to do so, together with you and other  stakeholders. The Department of Medical Humanities at the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam (VUmc) welcomes you to the 35th conference of the European Association of Centres of Medical Ethics (EACME) in beautiful Amsterdam. In addition, the European Clinical Ethics Network (ECEN) and the Cambridge Consortium on Bioethics Education will organise satellite pre-conference meetings on the 5th of September 2018.

The conference ‘Ethics in action’ will focus on the following four themes:

1. Towards a further professionalization of Clinical Ethics Support (CES)

  • CES’s contribution to quality of care and moral competence
  • Quality and certification of CES (staff)
  • Training of CES staff and teaching ethics
  • Implementation and evaluation research of CES
  • Empirical ethics: theory and method of reaching normative conclusions within CES

2. Rethinking the ethics of ageing and the end of life

  • Decision making in end-of- life situations
  • Elderly care and social justice: mapping the moral complexities
  • The moral perils and principles of palliative care
  • Ethics of long-term care
  • Rethinking "health" in the context of ageing and chronic illness

3. Chances and challenges of participation and diversity

  • Responsibility and integrity in research
  • Symbolic vs. substantial participation of people with disabilities
  • Reaching diversity in research: a moral obligation?
  • Discomforting reflexivity practices for researchers
  • Moral challenges of inclusion

4. Resilience and recovery in psychiatry

  • Reflection on moral dilemmas in psychiatry
  • Coercive measures in the clinic & the outpatient setting
  • End-of- life decision-making in psychiatry
  • Autonomy and competency in psychiatry
  • The involvement of peers and relatives in mental health care