7th Edition of the Intensive Course - Nursing Ethics

Du 4 décembre 2018 au 7 décembre 2018
Leuven, Belgium


7th Edition of the Intensive Course on Foundational Approaches, Contemporary and Educational Issues in the Field of Nursing Ethics

Since the beginning of the 1980s, nursing ethics has developed to such a degree that it is now considered a fixture within applied ethics. The specific positions occupied within health care by nurses, their expertise and their responsibilities all result in them being confronted by ethically sensitive issues.
The objective of the 7th edition of the course is to foster exchanges on foundational and methodological approaches as well as on contemporary and educational issues in nursing ethics. More specifically, the aims of this course are:
(1) To analyse fundamental notions that are being discussed in the field of nursing ethics, namely various notions of care, moral practice, the human person, vulnerability, dignity, and trust. As such, extensive understanding will be provided into the ethical and philosophical foundations of the practice of nursing.
(2) To educate participants on a range of ethical topics that are predominant in the contemporary debate in nursing ethics, namely, nursing ethics perspectives on end-of-life care and on care for older people. These topics will be explored from a philosophical-ethical perspective as well as from an empirical-ethical perspective.
(3) To introduce participants into methodological and educational aspects of nursing ethics.
(4) To establish exchange among national and international experts with respect to new developments in nursing ethics from an international perspective.